Unlimited Video Editing
for a fixed fee

Editing videos is hard and time consuming. Instead, let us
edit and caption them is less than 48 hours.

A Faster Way To Create Videos
That Build Your Brand

You record the video. We edit the video.

Simply send us your raw video files. We will edit
them into eye catching videos including captions,
so you can post and promote them on
social media to expand your brand and presence

The Quickest Way To
Create Videos at Scale

It’s super easy to get your videos edited, captioned and turned into
marketing machines. Forget wasting hours playing with
editing software and editing subtitles.

Just 3 easy steps.

How it Works


Record your video

Record your video on an iPhone or professionally


Submit Your Request

Send us your video files with instructions


Approve And Download

Approve the video and receive the file

Our team will work on your video and send it back within 48 hours.
If you need any changes, you can send us unlimited modification requests, until you are 100% happy with the end result.

Dear Video Creator,

Videos are the best way to build trust, establish credibility and create a community of loyal followers for you business.

The problem is editing videos is complex and time consuming. We know you are busy running your business and editing videos is not a dollar productive task for you.

We know, we have worked with 100s of businesses and most struggle to create high quality videos fast enough for the marketing campaigns.

That is why we built Video Riot.

Video Riot is an unlimited video editing service made specifically for businesses who need to create lots of videos quickly for their marketing campaigns and YouTube.

If you want to find out more about how we can help you create more videos on a fixed monthly fee using a dedicated editor book in a call to speak to me now.

Marlon Marescia

Founder, Video Riot

What You Get

Unlimited Videos Edited

Send in as many requests as you want. We’ll make it happen

Unlimited Revisions

Got feedback? No worries. We keep tweaking until it’s perfect

Flat-Rate Pricing

You pay the same price every month, no matter how much
you send in

1-2 Day

Projects are turned around in under 48 hours

Dedicated Account Manager

You pay the same price every month, no matter how much you send in

Your own Video

Work with the same video editor who gets to know how to work with you

Types of Video we edit

  • Facebook Ad Videos

  • Instagram Videos

  • Video Slideshows

  • Sales Videos

  • Funnel Videos

  • Explainer Videos

  • Vlogs

  • Membership Videos

  • YouTube Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Talking Head Videos

  • Adding Text Over Videos

Who We Help...

  • A “Business Owner” that wants to grow their business…
  • A “Business Coach” that wants to build an audience of business owners…
  • A “Life Coach” that wants to help more people live life to the full…
  • A “Consultant” that needs to get the word out about your services…
  • A “Marketing Manager” that knows your business needs to do more video…
  • A “Marketing Agency” that wants to build credibility with businesses…

Why You Need More Videos?

Increase Your

A good video is like a sales person that an convert prospect into clients 24 a day

Facebook Loves

Facebook is actively promoting video Ads and posts because video is so powerful

Drive Traffic to
your website

Use YourTube Videos to drive new prospects to your website

Educate and

Video is the best way to educate and entertain your audience to quickly build credibility and trust

Boost your email marketing

Add videos to your email campaigns and watch the click through rate skyrocket

Build your

Get more followers on social media with well crafted videos that engage your audience

48 hour Turn Around Time

Send us your raw video clips. Get it back 24 hours later, ready to publish.

Within 24 hours, we’ll have your video perfectly captioned, burned the captions onto your clip (so they’ll show up regardless of any captions setting turned on or not), added your headline, and edited everything into a stunning looking video, ready to publish on social media and get you the exposure and engagement you truly deserve.

And of course, you are 100% guaranteed to get the final outcome you’ll love!

Dedicated Video Editor

You will be allocated a dedicated video editor and project manager. That way we get all the smaller details just perfect for you.

If you’ve ever tried to editing and captioning your videos by yourself, you’ll know exactly how maddeningly difficult, time-consuming and most of all, prone to errors it can be. With Video Riot, every single clip you publish will have 100% accurate captions helping you get the maximum response from your hard earned viewers.

15-Day No Risk Guarantee

Try out the service with no risk for 15 days and if you aren’t completely happy, you’ll get 100% money back – no quibbles




  • Unlimited Job Requests​
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1-2 day turnaround​
  • 1 Video at a Time
  • Up to 5-minute videos​
  • 100GB Dedicated Cloud Storage Drive
  • Dedicated Editor​
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 14 Day No-Risk Guarantee
  • No Contract

Pricing is in US dollars



  • Unlimited Job Requests​
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1-2 day turnaround​
  • 2 Videos at a Time​
  • Up to 10-minute videos​
  • 200GB Dedicated Cloud Storage Drive​
  • Dedicated Editor​
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 14 Day No-Risk Guarantee
  • No Contract

Pricing is in US dollars


Video Riot is great for anyone that wants that wants to outsource video editing.  Some of our clients include:

Content Creators

  • Gaming
  • Online courses / Tutorials / Info Products
  • Product Review
  • Podcast to video
  • Vlogs
  • Ads
  • Real Estate
  • Interview
  • Powerpoint to video

So we do have a few limitations:

– The finished video can’t be longer than 30 minutes. (Unless you purchase an add-on!)

– We can’t do voiceovers.

– We can’t do animations.

– We can’t do wedding videos.


Otherwise, basically everything else is fair game and we’ll be able to help you get those videos edited!

The short answer is it depends.


Our aim is always to get you a draft of your request or revision within 1-2 business days depending on the complexity of the video and from there you’ll still need to leave comments for feedback.

In the beginning especially it might take a bit longer because your video editor will be getting to know you and your video’s style. 


As we get to know you better though, the drafts will be more to your liking and in the long run the hope is you’ll either be good to go with the first draft or we’ll only need 1-2 rounds of revisions to get your video right!

Once you make your puchase, we’ll send you an account invitation within 24 hours to submit video requests on our Wrike platform.


Wrike is a simple project management tool that will enable you to:

– Submit video editing requests.

– Provide feedback on our video proofing tool.

– Download the final videos.


One of the challenges that we’ve faced working with freelancers is that lack of process, so by using Wrike and a consistent workflow, we aim to make everything run as efficiently as possible so that you get make more videos!



You can request as many video edits or revision rounds as you like.


The only thing to note is every video edit or revision still takes 1-2 business days to get done and beyond that we can only help you work on one video at a time.


By doing this we can stay focused and make sure to do a good job on one video and then once it’s done we’ll move onto the next one asap!

We exclusively use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to ensure we deliver the highest quality work.

Video Riot works in the GMT+8 time zone (Philippines), Monday to Friday, 9AM to 6PM. Your video editor is not always available to reply beyond working hours.

Unfortunately no we don’t do free trials as it does take some time for our editors to understand your needs and editing style.


With that said, we understand you’ll be taking a risk, so we do have a 14-Day 100% money back guarantee to ensure peace of mind when trying us out on your side!

Just a simple month-to-month subscription, no contracts or annual commitments necessary!

Once you purchase your subscription, all you have to do is fill out our customer onboarding survey and you’ll be redirected to our “Video Request Form” where you’ll be able to submit your first request!


Beyond that, we’ll send you a Wrike account invitation within 24 hours so that you’ll be able to submit video requests, leave feedback and download videos right from your account.