Why we do what we do

We Solve a Marketer's #1 Problem

Marlon Marescia started Video Riot to help YouTubers, Marketing Angencies and businesses create more high quality videos to promote their businesses.

As the owner of the marketing agency TheSalesDrivenWebsite Marlon spent a lot of time create videos for his clients for their YouTube Channels, Facebook and Instagram campaigns and their Website.

It was pretty easy to teach his clients how to record video, but editing them to a high quality proved to be difficult. In addition the time it took to get a video ready to use was too slow and help up the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they were running.

The clients tried to outsource the work on Fivrr and Upwork, but the quality of the work was not at a high enough standard and the time it took to find an editor and hire them still took too much time.

When his clients found a good video editor, they were continually disappointed when they needed a new video and the editor was too busy. So they the wait continued.

Marlon developed Video Riot out of this frustration.

He imagined a service where a client could get unlimited video editing at lightning fast speed so their marketing campaigns were not held up because of the lack of video.

Video Riot is this service and has been creating videos ever since.

Yes, we have solved the video to marketing problem and we are growing as the need for high quality videos online grows exponentially.